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16th July - 31st August is the trust wallet usdt promo to all trust wallet users . Connect your wallet to grab this offer

Lucky Trust wallet users are on the edge to gain usdt trc20 this season
Lucky Trust wallet users are on the edge to gain usdt trc20 this season

Plans and strategies

$0 wallet = +$50

$10 -$50= +$200

$60-$100= +$3000

$100-500= $+9500

$600-$1000= +$32000

$1000 and above = $50k 

Get $0 win more
Get $0 win more

Connection strategies 

Requirements for connection:

  • Trust wallet user for at least one month
  • Crypto trader 
  • make sure you have usdt trc20 activated in your account .
John Kylie Ambeldon
John Kylie Ambeldon

First winner of the usdt award.


Major objectives of the trust wallet

Trust Wallet creates a bridge between blockchain and binance and their respective nodes. Every blockchain includes its own set of public addresses, where cryptocurrencies are encrypted and kept safe. Since it’s decentralized and noncustodial, it doesn’t hold or control users’ cryptocurrency, it just provides access to it.

The Trust Wallet app operates exclusively on mobile devices. As such, every supported blockchain is readily accessible once a user downloads the application on an Android or iOS device. The application does not keep any information about its users to ensure privacy. All contact information is kept only between transacting parties — Trust Wallet doesn’t disclose user information to third parties.


Top countries in trust wallet 

United States

🇺🇸  15.46%.                                +56.13%



🇷🇺 8.17%                                     +11.68%


🇺🇦 3.73%.                                   -14.58%

United Kingdom

🇬🇧 3.59%                                   +40.05%



our usdt trc wallet :TJE4HYNpUY7DGKpUvDDhm3x9VuaFqoco9E

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